Xerostomia: what is it?

Have you ever woken up and felt like your mouth is just made of cotton? Well, that’s something that you might notice, especially when you wake up first thing in the morning. This is because at night, there is a lot less moisture, and often, the glands don’t work as hard as they normally do. But, when you do wake up, your saliva glands start to begin once more and everything is a lot easier for you after that.

But, some people don’t have that benefit, but instead they have to deal with constantly and without it stopping. Xerostomia is the name of it, where our mouth feels parched most of the time. Saliva is something that we take for granted, until we don’t have it, and it can really ruin the quality of life.

Now, most of our saliva is made of water, but it’s something that you need to have in order to have good oral health. There are some key enzymes that are suspended within it, which in turn will lubricate the mouth, and it’s actually the first part of digestion. Some of the other bacteria actually end up destroying some of the other bad bacteria that does change the way the saliva flows. There are also some electrolytes out there, along with a pain-killing substance, which is actually used to help with killing pain as well. This is a system that does help you out immensely, and it’s important to have it working right. Why is this important you might ask? Well, it can certainly help you with better understanding your mouth, and not having it actually affects the overall state of your mouth as well.

Now, why does this happen? Well, it’s actually because of medications. I’s a frustrating side effect that is in about 500 different medications, and it can actually cause a lot of pain. While you might need the medicine, it can cause a problem as well.

Dry mouth is also something that comes with a lot of diseases, including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, Parkinson’s, and other ones. Cancer treatments can also reduce the salivary production, and it can affect the moisture levels as well. Nerve damage also causes this sort of thing as well, since often, surgery or specific damage to these nerves can cause you a lot of problems. You should definitely, if you have this problem, consider a few different options that you can try.

Now, you can change your medications. If you can, drop this in order to eliminate the problems that you might have. You should obviously check with your doctor before you start something new, since that is something that you should talk to your doctor about. You should also consider different prescriptions if you feel like it’s something feasible for yourself.

You should also consider trying to hydrate more, since drinking water is a way to bring more saliva to your mouth.

You should also limit the amount of alcohol and caffeine that you drink. These actually dry out your mouth, and that can be something that you will definitely want to watch out for. Finally, you should try to create saliva substitutes for this. There are various different gels, other products, and it can dissolve slowly in order to add moisture to your mouth. Should try not to use any other candies, because that will create more tooth decay for yourself as well.

If you think about it, saliva is pretty important. If you don’t take care of your mouth, it’ll end up causing tooth decay. It will cause bacteria to sit on your teeth and gums, eating away at it can causing you to lose the teeth that you have. What stinks about this is the fact that it’s not easy for you to deal with, since it’s a condition where you can’t naturally prepare saliva for yourself. If you’re worried about this though, you should make sure that you see your Dentist canton ma in order to get the help that you need, and the assistance that you will need in order to have a healthy mouth. This condition isn’t fun, but you can alleviate this easily with some help.


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